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Folder Size Download is a utility that adds a new column to Details view in Windows Explorer that shows the size of all files and directories. It does so by calculating the sizes of each directory.

Folder Size FreeWARE is a utility that will allow you to see the sizes of all the files and folders on your hard drive. It will also give you the percentage of total disk size that these objects occupy.

The ScanMyDrive application can easily scan all your hard drive’s details in minutes. Its advanced algorithms will identify all the file sizes and tree sizes within seconds.


It will analyze the sizes of all the files and folders on your hard drive and give you a list of the total disk size.

The program will also identify the sizes of all the files and folders on the hard drive.

Features of Folder Size Download

  • When we see the size of a file in Windows Explorer, it only shows us the size of the folder.
  • Folder Size Download is a utility that will automatically identify all the missing disk space in your system.
  • Folder Size scans your hard drive in just a few minutes. It has a progressive scan that lets you continue the scan even if it gets interrupted.
  • This utility is very simple to use and can show all the missing disk space in Windows Explorer.
  • If you have large folders on your computer, then this utility will help you determine the size of them.

Folder Size Alternative For Windows

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  • thilmera
  • LatencyMon 
  • CPU-Z 
  • Double Driver 
  • Powir

Frequently Asked Question

What is the size of a folder?

A folder typically is larger than the paper inside it in terms of its width and height. Usually, a 9×12 folder is appropriate for documents with an envelope size of 8.5 x 11 inches.

How can I see the size of a folder?

Right-click on a folder and its size in File Explorer. It will then show the file’s contents in a dialog box.

How do I order folders by size?

On the upper right corner of the window, there’s a search box that lets you find and sort out various types of files. To do so, type the size of the folder that you want to search.

How do I find the size of a folder and subfolder in Windows?

Right-click on the ‘Name’ field and then select ‘Size’. This will give you an overview of the files that contain the selected size.

How do I sort folders by size on Mac?

To determine the size of a particular folder, check the box next to it. The contents will be organized by the size.


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