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How to install Memtest86+?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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Memtest86+ Download is a port of the well-known memtest86 software, which was written by Chris Brady. It is aimed at detecting memory failures in Windows. The original version of Memtest86 has been handled by PassMark Software Pty Ltd., and its latest version, known as 6+ Download, is released under the terms of Gnu Public License.

Memtest86+ Download is a tool that system administrators can use to diagnose the RAM health of their machines. It was discontinued due to it not being compatible with the latest 64-bit and Quad-Core CPUs.


Based on the original memtest86, it’s been ported to Android by members of the x86-secret team. Memtest86+ Download is a modified version of the same software, but it does not have restrictions on what can be used or what’s sold commercially.

Memtest86 is a utility that lets users run comprehensive tests related to the stability of their PC’s RAM. It can detect if your machine is experiencing errors and crashes, and it can also help identify potential issues.

Memtest86+ Download is a utility that checks if your computer’s memory is in working order. It sends a series of random patterns to all the memory locations and verifies if the results are the same as those in the previous version.

Features of Memtest86+

Operating properly

Booting from a floppy disk or CD is necessary to use Memtest86+ Download. It is independent of the operating system and can only be used if you have a CD or floppy disk drive. Aside from being a utility, memtest also serves as a way to test if your memory modules are operating properly. Generally, it’s good to know if the modules are in working order whenever they encounter issues.

Experiencing various issues

System RAM is a vital component for the proper functioning of your PC. Having it confirmed that it’s at fault can help avoid experiencing various issues. The app scans the RAM module for hidden issues. It also warns about the issues that could not be spotted through the Blue Screen of Death.

Utility to test the computer’s 

Memtest86 is built from the ground up to work independently of the operating system. To run it, just copy and paste it to a USB stick and then reboot your PC. Aside from USB sticks, it also supports floppy disks and older BIOS versions. Two of the available methods involve using the OS and the utility to test the computer’s memory. The other way works by cleaning the system’s partition and its contents.

Difficult to decipher

It is very important that users with older BIOS versions get a free version of the app. Those with newer BIOS versions should also download the full app. Although it has a simple framework, the algorithm behind the test is very complex and can be difficult to decipher.

Memtest86+ Alternative For Windows

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  • Dead Pixel Tester 
  • Dead Pixel Buddy

Frequently Asked Question

How do I use MemTest86+ in Linux?

To perform a memory test on Ubuntu Live CD and Installed system:

Can you use MemTest86 without USB?

Memtest86 is a standalone program that does not require any operating system for its execution. It only works if you use a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system.

What is MemTest86 used for?

MemTest86 is a free, stand-alone memory test program that works seamlessly with most x86 and ARM computers. It can detect and fix memory errors.

Is MemTest86 open source?

Memtest86+ was, is, and will always be free, open-source software. … Memtest86+ is released under the terms of the Gnu Public License (GPL).


Memtest86+ Download for Windows is developed and updated by Samuel Demeulemeester. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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