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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

NbuExplorer Download is a Windows Mobile application that enables users to backup and store all the data on their Nokia devices. It also works seamlessly across various platforms such as Nokia PC suite. This application is also extendable to other Nokia devices.

It  is a Windows tool that lets you extract information from Nokia NBU files. It works seamlessly with various models such as the Nokia NBU, NFC, and NFB.


Some of the files that the Nokia NbuExplorer program can generate are configuration files, project files, and other output data.

That is a utility that gives users full access to the NBU backup files. It can also extract various formats such as NBU , NFC, and NFB.

NbuExplorer is a free Windows program that opens Nokia NBU files and extracts data like contacts and messages. 

Features of NbuExplorer Download 

The application comes with a list of internal files and a dual pane information panel. This will allow you to interact with them without having to go through the complex interface of Windows.

Although NbuExplorer is a great application, it cannot provide the users with any help. Instead, the users are left to rely on their own knowledge and experience to learn its various features and functions.

NbuExplorer can also extract the files from the backed up data. This feature allows you to easily access the files that are stored in the database.

Nokia NbuExplorer Download is a small and free utility that allows you to open and extract the backup files from Nokia PC. It can also browse and export various files, such as contacts, calendar, and photos.

The interface is simple and intuitive, with the backup files’ contents presented right in the main window.

NbuExplorer Alternative For Windows

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  • LeapDroid
  • Nox Player 
  • Windows Phone Recovery Tool 
  • 3uTools 

Frequently Asked Question

Is NBTExplorer free?

Free for personal and commercial use. It’s compatible with all major platforms.

Can you use NBTExplorer on a server?

Open the NBT file that was downloaded from your server. Double-click on the value that you would like to modify.

What is NBT editor in Minecraft?

NBTExplorer is a graphical NBT editor that lets you modify the datas in a map in Minecraft. It does so by creating new datas for the latest version of the game.

How do I open an NBT file in Minecraft?

DAT utilizing NBTExplorer (NBTEdit is no longer supported). Change the gamemode to 0.


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