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Last Updated on February 6, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

ObjectDock Download is an animated dock that lets you quickly access and launch various apps and files. It also automatically hides when not in use.

It is an animated dock that lets you launch and access your favorite apps and files. It also automatically hides when not in use and reappears when you move your mouse.

With ObjectDock Download, you can easily hide and reappear in your desktop shortcuts. It lets you customize the dock’s appearance and also add animated effects.


This is a utility that adds a skinnable dock to Windows. It lets users add mini-applets that can display various features such as system info, weather reports, and more.

ObjectDock Download is a utility that adds a skinnable dock to Windows. It allows users to easily organize their desktop shortcuts and other apps by giving them a fun and attractive animated dock.

ObjectDock windows are designed to add style and organization to your Windows experience. Its new UI allows users to customize the look and feel of their dock.

Features of ObjectDock Download

  • The Dock utility lets users organize their desktop shortcuts and programs into an engaging and interactive UI. The unique style and performance of ObjectDock make it stand out among the most used desktop utilities. With its Plus launcher, users can add even more unique features to their desktop shortcuts.
  • It’s truly astonishing how fast and powerful ObjectDock can move on a system that doesn’t have much power. Its ability to customize the dock’s appearance and shape makes it incredibly productive.
  • This program is most likely to contain unwanted software or programs. The file and URLs of this program have been thoroughly scanned by several antivirus companies.The program is housed within System Utilities. Its installer uses the following default names.
  • Create your own desktop bar with the help of ObjectBar, a tool that lets users design their own desktop bars. It also acts as a desktop launcher and a task manager. With ObjectDock Download, users can easily add shortcuts to their favorite apps and folders. It also features a weather feature that shows current conditions in your US zip code.
  • The latest version of ObjectDock comes with many cool features that will deeply customize your PC. Some of these include the ability to customize the icons and other features of your PC.You can run the latest version of ObjectDock 1.9 on Windows XP and 2K operating systems. This desktop enhancement software is fully functional and can run for an unlimited time.

ObjectDock Alternative For Windows

  • AutoIt
  • KeyTweak
  • Monitorian
  • Unchecky
  • HotSwap!
  • Windows 10 Settings Shortcut

Frequently Asked Question

What is ObjectDock free?

ObjectDock Download is a utility that lets users add a skinnable dock to their Windows. It does so by creating mini-applets that can display various predefined features.

Is Stardock any good?

Stardock has a 2-star consumer rating out of 11 reviews. Most of the complaints about the site were about the product itself.

How do I dock an app in Windows?

To open the app, hit the Windows + Ctrl key on your keyboard. This app allows you to dock and add apps.

How do I get to the dock on my Mac Windows 10?

To add a shortcut to the Nexus Dock, right-click the app and select the New Dock Item drop-down menu.

How do I put an app icon on my desktop?

To pin an app, go to the app’s homepage and select the pin icon. If the app is already open, press and hold the app’s icon to close it.


ObjectDock Download for Windows is developed and updated by Stardock . All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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