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Last Updated on August 19, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Octoparse Download is a modern web data extraction tool that simplifies the process of extracting data from websites. It works seamlessly with most existing web scraping tools.

Web Scraping is a Windows program that automatically collects and formats web pages’ data. It saves you time and helps you get rid of non-content web content.

That is a web data extraction tool that helps users extract valuable information from various websites. It does so by extracting text and data from various types of sources.


It is a visual data extraction tool that lets users easily extract web data from dynamic and static websites. It works seamlessly with various markup languages (JS, XHTML, CSS), and various export formats (CSV, Excel, etc.).

Octoparse is a powerful tool that automatically locates web data at the moment it is loaded. It uses deep learning algorithms to analyze the data.

Features of Octoparse Download

Cloud platform

With Octoparse’s Cloud platform, data extraction tasks are run in the cloud, avoiding the need for expensive hardware maintenance and network interruption. The app sends and receives requests from various servers, allowing the target website to be traced and blocked.

Easily collect data 

The software simulates the behavior of a web browser when it opens a page. It allows you to easily collect data by clicking the information that appears in the browser.

Select various types of data to be collected

To extract data, users can select various types of data to be collected. Octoparse lets users run multiple extraction tasks at the same time.

Automatically collects

Data scraping is a process that automatically collects and stores content from almost any website. It is commonly used for various purposes such as e-commerce, academic research, and marketing.

Octoparse Alternative For Windows

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  • Wii U USB Helper 
  • WinSCP 
  • Raccoon 
  • Windows ISO Downloader 
  • APK Downloader

Frequently Asked Question

What is Octoparse used for?

Octoparse is a modern web data extraction tool that allows users to easily extract web data from various websites. It works seamlessly across various platforms

Is Octoparse free?

It is available as a free trial and can be used with a paid plan. With its powerful cloud platform, it can easily extract data from various websites

Is web scraping a crime?

Although web scraping is not illegal, it should be done in a good manner and with the proper ethics. It can help us make the most of the web

How safe is Octoparse?

The data collected using Octoparse is stored locally on your computer, and it’s encrypted to prevent anyone from accessing it. You can easily export the data and clear it on your own.

Can Octoparse scrape LinkedIn?

Octoparse is a tool that mimics the operation of clicking on a web page. So, if you’re trying to scrape data from LinkedIn, make sure that it’s legal to do so

How good is Octoparse?

I would highly recommend this tool to anyone who is interested in scraping data. The price for the service is well worth it as it provides a large return on investment

How safe is Octoparse?

The data collected using the tool is encrypted, and it will not be accessible by anyone. Also, the data stored in the cloud are only available with your username and passwords


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