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Last Updated on February 6, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Sysmon Download, you can easily monitor and record your system’s activities. It’s a utility that’s designed to help you capture the details of your system’s events log.

System Monitor is a Windows service that logs and monitors system activity. It collects events and traces changes in system processes and network connections to provide detailed information about how and why your system operates.

Sysmon Download is a Windows service that records and tracks processes related to file creation, registry modifications, and network connections. It’s intended to help identify malicious activity, but it could also be helpful for general troubleshooting.


This template is a Windows configuration file that contains the basic configuration for Sysmon. It should serve as a good starting point for monitoring system changes. It does not include features that are useful for investigation.

The device driver for System Monitor is also located in the C:Program FilesSysmon folder.

Aside from the default built-in logging feature, there are also various options that can help you increase the visibility of your system. One of these is System Monitor, which can detect and report on various types of activities.

Features of Sysmon Download

  • The basic log management tasks can be performed in Event Viewer. You can filter the log, display all the events you need, and save them to a file. There are also ways to modify the configuration of Sysmon.
  • Sysmon Download is a Windows service that can be used as a device driver. It can track your system’s actions and tasks, and it can also be used to modify the processes and settings. The configuration of Sysmon is very deliberate in how it selects the filtering options. These are typically chosen to have as little impact as possible.
  • System Monitor tracks processes and connections on your network. It can also identify suspicious activities and provide a warning when necessary. Sysmon is part of the Sysinternals package, which is used by Microsoft to improve the Windows logs. It can monitor processes and network connections.
  • Sysinternals Live is a service that lets you execute tools from the Web without requiring the installation of a program or the use of a command prompt. It collects events related to processes and changes to network connections. By analyzing these events, it can identify suspicious activities and inform you about the activities of intruders on your network.
  • The installation process of Sysmon is a bit challenging. However, it is worth it since it helps keep track of all the activities related to the server. You can also expect to receive an outline of all the malicious activities that were detected by the utility.

Sysmon Alternative For Windows

  • Linpack Xtreme
  • Battery Monitor
  • ASUS WinFlash
  • AnyStatus
  • GPU-Z
  • Secunia PSI

Frequently Asked Question

Where does Sysmon install to?

On Windows and older versions, events are stored in the Applications and Services Logs and the System event log.

How do I get Sysmon logs?

You can collect the data collected by Sysmon through the im_msvistalog module. It will then automatically generate the necessary fields in the event records.

Is Sysmon Download open source?

SysmonX is a drop-in replacement version of the utility that enables the community to extend its data collection methods and provide new security events.

Where are Sysmon logs stored?

Applications and Services Log > Microsoft > Windows > Sysmon Operational contains all Sysmon logs.

Who makes Sysmon Download?

Aside from Sysmon, Microsoft also offers other tools that can help monitor and analyze network traffic.

How do I get rid of Sysmon exe?

To stop the Sysmon service, open an elevated PowerShell prompt and execute the following commands.

What is Event ID 13 Sysmon?

Event ID 13 is a Registry event type that records the value of a given Registry value.

What is Event ID 13 Sysmon?

This event type records the value set that was modified within the Registry.

Does Sysmon work on Linux?

The popular Sysmon system monitoring application for Windows now comes with a native Linux counterpart created by Microsoft.


Sysmon Download for Windows is developed and updated by Sysinternals. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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