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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

SetFSB Download is a utility that lets you set the processor’s front-side bus (FSB) speed. It does so by clicking the desired FSB speed.

It’s important to remember that hardware is only designed to handle a limited amount of input. Having too much stress on it could cause it to fail.


With SetFSB, you can run multiple benchmarks to see if your CPU is performing as it should. It will also give you detailed information about the hardware in a short amount of time. Doing so will help you avoid setting yourself up for failure.

SetFSB can also change the Sbus frequency of a processor. It does so by changing the frequency of the bus, which is called FSB. This utility can also be used to increase the CPU’s frequency.

Doing so can cause permanent damage to the hardware. However, it can increase the performance of the machine.

Features of SetFSB Download

  • SetFSB is an advanced version of the popular overclocking program. It’s designed to help users avoid accidentally damaging their PC.
  • SetFSB is a great tool to test your CPU against various benchmarks and tests. It will give you quick results and feedback on how it is handling the stress.
  • SetFSB Download is a program that allows users to increase the amount of power that their computer can consume. It can be very dangerous to do so since it can damage a PC.
  • The program focuses on the Front Side Bus of the PC. It can vary its speed by up to 400 MHz and can also work with various configurations.
  • SetFSB is compatible with Windows 10. This app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store.

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  • ASTRO Command Center


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