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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

An Uninstaller is a utility that helps remove the software from a computer. It is usually used when a system is cluttered with multiple directories and needs to be cleaned.

This is a utility that helps a user safely remove an application from the Windows operating system. It does so by running a program that prompts the user to remove the app.


An uninstall utility is a utility that removes a program and its associated files. Unlike the delete function, it safely removes all of the files that it collects.

To remove hardware or software, the user must first remove the driver and the registry entries.

Features of Uninstaller

  • The rise of generic uninstallers was largely influenced by the complexity of operating systems and the increasing popularity of shared libraries.
  • Although an uninstaller can remove most of the unwanted applications, it can still leave traces in the system registry.
  • Various uninstallers can be downloaded as standalone applications. They can also work seamlessly with other applications.
  • When uninstalling a program, all files that were copied to the computer are removed. The program would need to be reinstalled to use.
  • The delete feature and the uninstall feature are usually used to remove unwanted files from a computer.

Uninstaller Alternative For Windows

  • Advanced SystemCare 
  • Process Explorer 
  • Locale Emulator 
  • Ylva 
  • Eraser 
  • PingHD 


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