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Zback Download is a simple to use backup and synchronization tool that can be run from a batch or script command line. It can backup and sync multiple files at once. Zback is a simple and effective tool that enables users to perform a variety of backup and synchronization tasks. It can easily sync and store various files and folders between various devices. It is also capable of restoring files and folders.

If you regularly use external storage devices such as USB, Zback can help you sync and backup files between different computers. It does so by allowing you to copy and merge files between different types of files.


Zback Portable is an easy-to-use tool that enables users to create batch processes from command lines. Zback is a portable utility that performs both backup and synchronization of two different types of files. Unlike other utilities, it doesn’t require an installation. Zback allows you to sync data between two locations. It also allows you to filter the content of the files by date and size.

Your computer is more than just a place to play games. It also serves as an important part of your life. Having a way to sync and backup your files is key to keeping your data secure. The ability to backup and restore files is very important to keeping your data secure. Zback’s main window shows a preview of the various options that it can perform.

Zback is a utility that can perform simple and complex folder backup and synchronization tasks. It features a variety of copy modes, such as “update files” and “refresh existing files”. It can also be performed in batch mode or automatic through command-line scheduling. It supports large files and various scripting options.

Features of Zback Download

Zback can be used in two different ways: manual and batch. The former is used for one-time backup and sync, while the latter is used for routine tasks. Both of these modes can be used to create batch commands, which are similar to DOS commands. 

Basically, it takes a programmer to define three parameters that will allow the program to operate. These three items are: a source folder; a target directory; and a synchronization logic.

The ability to control every aspect of the process makes it a great tool for people who are new to creating complex documents. There are also various options that allow users to visualize the results.

The simple sync button will get you started quickly. It will also look for the directories that contain your files and folders. It can also skip non-important applications that are hidden in the background. One of the most useful features of Zback is the ability to see how long it takes to sync. This is very useful for people who are used to waiting for their files to transfer.

The program features a number of predefined options that allow users to create manual sync tasks. Another notable feature is the ability to generate program-specific BAL files, which are commonly used to process multiple entries. Zback features a variety of backup and sync modes, and it can also filter files by their size, date, and name. It is also capable of working in batches. Despite its many features, the interface is a bit confusing.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Zback?

Zback is a simple and effective tool that enables you to backup and sync various files and folders between different computers. It also works seamlessly with USB drives and LAN.

What is Syncbackfree?

Syncplicity is a free backup and sync software that features a variety of features and options.

How safe is SugarSync?

SugarSync is an online backup and recovery solution that gives you the peace of mind that your files are always up to date. It eliminates the need for manual backup and recovery.


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