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Super Grate Download is a utility that can easily modify and implement migration and backup procedures. If all your machines are on an Active Directory domain, it can easily migrate and backup them over the network.

The main window is very simple to understand the types of information that you need to enter. Just enter the computer’s name and enter the details of the profile that you want to view.


Super Grate Download is a utility that helps you backup and migrates Windows user profiles. It does so by creating a secure backup and transferring it to a USB or network share drive.

When migrating from one version of Windows to another, it’s important to make sure that all the settings are set up correctly. Doing so will allow you to start quickly and avoid having to go through the cumbersome process of creating new user profiles. With Super Grate, you can easily back up all the settings that you need to get started quickly.

Super Grate Download is an open-source utility that enables you to backup and migrates Windows user profiles. It can also export the data to a network sharing drive.

Features of Super Grate Download

From the Source Computer to the store

Super Grate is a portable app that will run Microsoft’s USMT (user state migration tool) on any non-joined PC. Another use of Super Grate is transferring data from one PC to another. After selecting the user profiles you would like to migrate, the application copies the data from the Source Computer to the store.

Super Grate UI is very simple to use

The Super Grate UI is very simple to use. Just enter the name of the PC you want to migrate and the tasks that you need to complete.

Target computer’s name in the box

To get started, just select the users that are connected to the computer that you want to migrate. Then, just select the profile that you would like to work with and enter the target computer’s name in the box.

Enter the name of the target computer

The first thing that you need to do is to input the source machine’s name. Super Grate then lists all the users that are attached to that device. After that, it asks you to pick a profile and enter the name of the target computer.

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